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Strategic Intent for Saint Maroun’s College

Strategic Intent

Our vision for the next chapter of growth at Saint Maroun’s College (2021-2023) is to see our students contributing to society as caretakers and advocates, appreciating their Maronite context and experiencing high-quality learning that serves the needs of the broader community.

The work begins in 2021 with our updated Mission, Values and Vision (our Strategic intent).

Mission Statement

Inspired by the vision of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family, Saint Maroun’s College provides high quality learning that serves the needs of the broader community. We develop and nurture students into their fullest spiritual, academic, physical and social self.

Operational Values

The beliefs that will guide our actions and decisions as we navigate the road to the vision are – Integrity – Responsibility - Compassion


Our 2021-2023 vision for students includes enabling them to be

  • fully human in the likeness of Christ
  • discerning leaders and advocates
  • able to lead positive transformation in our world

We have also launched our Strategic Plan with 4 priority areas which we will implement over the coming 3 years:

  • Mission and Values - Saint Maroun’s College identifies its mission and spirituality through the Maronite Catholic Tradition and the charism of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family. Saint Maroun’s College focuses on instilling a deep love of Christ.
  • Educational Excellence - Saint Maroun’s College seeks to identify priorities for pedagogical practices that enhance student achievement.
  • Holistic Wellbeing - Saint Maroun’s College seeks to identify priorities for spiritual and cultural growth, sport and extra-curricular activities. These are central to providing a holistic experience for the College community to grow in the likeness of Christ.
  • • Collaboration and Community - Saint Maroun’s College seeks to identify effective partnerships that contribute to and benefit our College community.

Our purpose for continual change is based on data and metrics about global problems, the future of schooling, and our unique proposition to contribute positively.

We further seek how best to deliver challenging and engaging education to our students through developing a Master Plan that envisions the future learning spaces for students.

In our practice we will choose to:

  • be honest and sincere
  • act with moral and ethical principles
  • be accountable and answerable for our actions
  • act with concern for others

Through our Mission, Values and Vision, combined with our Strategic Plan and Master Plan, our intent is to achieve the following long-term outcomes for all at Saint Maroun’s College:

  • Visible pedagogical change
  • Visible culture change
  • Visible physical change

Sr Irene Boughosn

Principal, MSHF