St Marouns College


Inspired by the vision of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family, Saint Maroun’s College provides high quality learning that serves the needs of the broader community. We develop and nurture students into their fullest spiritual, academic, physical and social potential.


Our vision is to see our students becoming fully human in the likeness of Christ, to be discerning leaders and advocates leading positive transformation in our world.

College Values

In our learning the College seeks to foster in each child the values taught by Christ.

Integrity: To act sincerely and honestly, having strong moral and ethical principles. Being true to who you truly are.

Responsibility: The ability to respond, to willingly undertake the sacrifices necessary to create a productive and meaningful life that is pleasing to God.

Compassion: Allows us to care for others, it refuses to be selfish and is willing to forgive. It freely embraces the rich diversity of humanity by treating everyone as equals and gives the desire to take action to improve human lives.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan determines the organisational priorities and goals for the future (2021-2023) and guides the desired outcomes for every aspect of the College. At the core of the strategic plan is the College’s desire to develop young people to become fully human in the likeness of Christ, leading and advocating positive transformation in our world.