St Marouns College

The Enrolment Process

The enrolment process has three stages:

1. Application for Student Enrolment

Application for Student Enrolment consists of lodging an Application for Student Enrolment accompanied by a copy of the Birth Certificate and payment of the non-refundable Application Administration Fee. This secures the student a place on the Waiting List. Where application is for entry into Kindergarten, students must turn five (5) years of age by 31 July in the year of entry to be eligible to apply.

2. College Enrolment Interview

The College will conduct an enrolment Interview and may request further documentation. All documentation must be provided by the parents/carers prior to the College considering making an Enrolment Offer.

3. Confirmation of the Enrolment

Enrolment is confirmed when the signed Letter of Offer is received by the College and the non-refundable Acceptance Fee is paid by the due date. The Enrolment Contract and Acceptance Fee are also required in the case of scholarship recipients. Enrolment fees are not refundable where a student does not take up or discontinues their enrolment.

Download Enrolment Form